Pluralism is the essence of our country : JIH leader T Arifali

January By Muslim Mirror News, January 29, 2017






Pluralism is the essence of our country : JIH leader T Arifali


Chavakkad (Thrissur): ‘’Fairness and tolerance should be endured by all means. Violent nationalism is a menace” said  Jamaat E Islami Hind Assistant Amir T Arifali. He was inaugurating JIH Thrissur District Conference.

‘The government is trying to influence even the judiciary, which is a trait of dictatorship. Demonetisation was implemented without due consultation with the concerned authorities. Media was manipulated to implement PM’s interests and the Prime Minister cunningly deployed nationalism to tone down the opposition towards demonetization and he was successful too,’’ he said.

Repressing the noble values of humanity, state-sponsored terrorism is instigating violence across the country said  JIH Amir MI Abdul Aziz  who presided  over the conference. He pointed out that pluralism is the essence of our country. “Everybody deserves justice. Sangh Parivar leaders are let loose to spread communal venom. The governments should act independently. The efforts to spread communalism across the country should be defended with humanity. Those who have nothing to contribute for human welfare are opposing religious conversions. Jamaate Islami is against forcible conversions. Aiming the welfare of humankind, healthy atmosphere of dialogue should prevail across the nation,’’ he said.

JIH Telangana Amir Hamid Mohammed Khan delivered the keynote address. He said that the inherent traditions of Israel and Sangh Parivar are same. ‘’They together try to extinguish the light of Islam. They should realize that they cannot do it. Islam upholds egalitarianism and fairness. Sangh Parivar wants to destroy pluralism. Saffronization of educational institutions will destroy the foundation of the country. Killing of people in the name of cow and the campaigns that followed defamed the nation,’’ he said.

Prof. K.A. Siddiq Hassan was guest of honor in the programme. FDCA Kerala chapter chairman and former high court justice P.K. Shamsuddin was chief guest. Jamaate Islami Assistant Amir V.T. Abdullakoya presented a resolution on the topic ‘Islam is fairness’.

JIH Kerala Assistant Amir P. Mujeeburahman, women’s wing state committee member Safiyya Sharafiyya, Solidarity State President T. Shakir, SIO state general secretary Thoufeeq Mambad, GIO state general secretary Fasna Miyan and others also spoke on the occasion.